04 June 2017

Jordan Peterson destroys Post-Modernism

Tangentially related is the difference between communists and progressives:

Communists (Marxist-Leninist) care about how the minority is oppressing the majority (how the rich are oppressing the workers).

Progressives claim to care about how the majority is oppressing the minority (how workers are oppressing non-productive welfare leeches).

Communists can claim to be noble. Progressives are just pure evil.

The antifa people, who like to wave the Soviet flag (it's a nice flag by the way) would all be seen as enemies if the Soviet Union still existed. They all come from wealthy families and none of them work. The Soviet Union not only had a job guarantee (if you couldn't find a job the government was obligated to create one for you), it had a requirement to work. If you were not legitimately disabled or retired you were required by law to work. That's why they had zero (or negligible) unemployment. All the antifa people would be shipped off to the gulag. It's like ironic stupidity.