19 January 2018

Thorium is the Power of the Future

Thomas Jam Pedersen, engineer and co-founder of Copenhagen Atomics, was skeptical at first upon discovering and reading about thorium energy, which is present everywhere in the world and could technically provide an inexpensive energy supply for everyone for thousand years.

While the world is still heavily relying on fossil fuels, thorium energy and nuclear reactors, which reuse nuclear waste, are now part of the energy debate, proposing a pollution-free solution that could provide an unlimited supply of fuel for the next millennium.

Thomas Jam Pedersen aims to build a thorium molten salt reactor in Copenhagen, and introduce thorium energy to the public eye.

18 January 2018

Nuclear Power is Green Power

Environmentalist Michael Shellenberger explains why nuclear power is more efficient and produces fewer emissions than solar and wind power. Nuclear power is a lot safer and a lot cleaner than most people realise, and a big part of that is disinformation from the anti-nuclear activists. Nuclear power is the only way to effectively clean the environment and meet the world's power needs.

04 January 2018

Why Does the Bible Mention Unicorns?

I've written about things like dragons and gods before. I was thinking about unicorns and lo and behold found a video on unicorns in the Bible. This video explains what exactly the Bible means when it talks about unicorns, refuting all objections naytheists like to bring up.