15 July 2018

Forgiving Hitler

Forgiveness is the central teaching of Jesus Christ. It is the very heart of the Gospel, and sets Christianity apart from all other religions. Other religions are about rituals or self-perfection. Christianity certainly forces us to look at ourselves and our own flaws, and to improve ourselves, but it does so through forgiving others. We transcend the ego not by reciting a mantra or sitting in silence, but by acting in the world.

Still, people have conflicting problems with forgiveness. There are those people who reject God because they think everyone should be forgiven for everything and Hell should not exist, and there are people on the other end of the spectrum who reject God because of God's forgiveness, believing Hell should be a prison for which all the people they despise are locked away forever. It's just like this pillow which some people dislike for being too firm and other people dislike for not being firm enough.


jezuzfreek777 takes some time to talk about God's limitless love for us and his limitless forgiveness. It is a very good, short video that I highly recommend.

02 July 2018

Globalist Bankster System Exposed

RockingMrE explains the origin of fractional reserve banking, how it creates money out of thin air, and how it is the central part of the globalist plan to eliminate nation states and control the world.