24 April 2018

You Are Going To Die

In the past couple weeks we've seen three prominent deaths of First Lady Barbara Bush, Gunnery Sergeant R. Lee Ermey, and radio raconteur Art Bell. That makes this as good a time as any to reflect on death, and the inevitability of death. It is an extremely good, and powerful, mystical practice.

This body is a temporary construct, a little vortex within the waves, and it will fall apart eventually. In some people, like myself, probably sooner rather than later. However far ahead that date may be, it is inevitable. It doesn't matter if you're David Rockefeller and you have infinity billion dollars and you can buy your fifth heart transplant at age 101 knowing that you have a 50-50 chance of surviving another year when a young person could get that heart and live at least 25 more years, maybe long enough to see the day when we're growing new hearts from our own stem cells. All the gold in the world cannot protect you from death. There is NOTHING you can do to escape it.

I'm reminded of that scene in The Ten Commandments where the angel of death descends upon Egypt. The Egyptians try to escape the green mist, they try to board up their windows and plug the holes in their doors, but nothing can stop it. They are struck in absolute terror at this omnipresent force that claims sinner and saint alike. Your wealth, your fame, your accomplishments, how good or bad you were, nothing can stop death. The only thing you can do is to have faith in the Lord. That is the ultimate good news. Christ died to erase our sins and to save us from death. He rose again and destroyed death, the central illusion underpinning this world.

Remember the likes of Richard Rose and Ramana Maharshi, both of whom were stricken by the intense fear of death and then made it their life's goal to discover what survives. I believe they've succeeded, and we must all walk that path and find the Truth for ourselves.