17 October 2019

A Very Brief Introduction to Political Groups

We hear a lot about the "political spectrum" and different groups like the alt-right, Antifa, and good old fashioned conservatives and liberals, but what does all that really mean, really? Using a decade and a half of first-hand experience in "the biz" I break it all down for you in the most urban way possible.

Mainstream Republicans want to bend over before leftists and accept the throbbing cock of defeat in order to look like nice people. Love me, Daddy.

Conservatives want you to die in the gutter for not pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps while they smoke cigars on a golf course and drive around in gas guzzling cars to show off how much money they can waste.

Liberals want you to live in the gutter in a deluxe cardboard box with free heroin and designated shitting streets while they party on Epstein's rape island.

LOLbertarians want the same thing as liberals but with legal weed and naked fat guy dancers.

AnCaps (sometimes called "libertarians") want you to die, but not in the gutter because that's private property. Fuck you.

AnComs (sometimes called "Antifa") want to throw piss bottles at you and LARP at being revolutionaries but will scatter to the winds if you fight back.

White (German) Supremeists (sometimes called "black pill") don't care what you do, but they want all white people to move to Montana and secede from the United States to make white people even more powerless and irrelevant because they're fucking retarded. They worship Adolf Hitler, who murdered more white people than anyone else in history. They also what to replace Christianity with either German paganism or state atheism.

Black Supremeists want to turn America into Detroit and make white people pay reparations and become slaves because "We wuz kangz and shiet!"

"Democratic" Socialists want free shit provided for by printing money because they're all trust fund babies who don't know how economics works.They also think the Nordic countries are socialist because they can't tell the difference between socialism and hyper-capitalism coupled with a welfare state.

Progressives have NO endgame. They constantly move the goalposts because they need a reason to be offended all the time.

13 October 2019

Donald Trump is the Greatest President in 50 Years

Donald Trump is not only the best president since JFK, he's the only good president since JFK. This is just a preview of a longer piece to come called "All The Presidents' Sins", but here's a very brief rundown of how the nine presidents since Kennedy were all worthless scumbags who did everything in their power to destroy America. Virtually everything good in the past five decades happened in spite of the nine bad presidents we've been forced to endure, not because of them.

Lyndon Johnson stonewalled every civil rights initiative while he was in the Senate because he was a virulent racist, then when he became president championed those causes to trick blacks into voting for Democrats.

Richard Nixon was great for the environment but he gave formal recognition to Mao's China, the most brutal regime in the history of the planet.

Gerald Ford did jack shit. You could replace him with a turnip and have the same effect.

Jimmy Carter, to his credit, put solar panels on the White House, but he was weak and feckless and allowed the Iranians to hold Americans hostage for 444 days.

Ronald Reagan, the darling of the right, was okay at best. He flooded California with illegals, giving the left 55 guaranteed electoral votes in every subsequent election.

Bush 1 was a warmongering piece of shit who flooded the US with coke when he was the head of the CIA, creating the crack epidemic while waging proxy wars of terrorism in Latin America.

Bill Clinton admitted Communist China to the World Trade Organization and sold our industrial capacity to the Chinazis, destroying the middle class for 2 decades and started more foreign wars than any two presidents combined.

Bush 2 is another warmongering shitbag like his father, who got us entangled in a forever war in Iraq and Afghanistan when he had the chance to kill Bin Laden in December 2001 and end the war and decided to let the terror leader go free.

Obama literally spent more money than the previous 43 presidents combined and did everything in his power to destroy race relations in America. His Supreme Court handed down more unconstitutional decisions than any other in history.